The Clash of Leviathans- The Thirty-years war
Machhivali and Thomas Hobbes thought on International Relation
Decline of Classical tradition in International Relation
International Relation Origins of Classical tradition- Thucydides- Peloponnesian war
Importance of International relations
SpaceX Signs up First Passenger for Moon Trip
Difference between Public and private administration- Henry Fayol, Josiah Stamp, Paul H. Appleby , Herbert A. Simon
Woodrow Wilson views of public administration - Father of the discipline of Public administration
Detailed study of Public administration- History, meaning, definition
Types of Marriages in Ancient India at - the Later Vedic age ( 1000 BC- 600 BC )
Capitalism- A social system Based On- the Principal of Individual Rights
Non-Aligned Movement ( NAM ) - A Movement of Third World Countries
World War II ( 1939 - 45 )
The Treaty of Versailles
World War I
The February Revolution
The October Revolution/Bolshevik Revolution
Imperialism and Colonialism
The Russian Revolution
The American Revolution