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Hi, guys

This is me Jitender Pradhan Welcome to my site https://www.worldhistorys.com in this site we learn about evolution of world from ancient period to modern contemporary world and we are also discussing about what is the impact of this history at our modern contemporary world and we are also learn about historical background of every state in the world and there what kind of culture , political authority, economic conditions , people's livehood exist at that time and now in modern world what is it conditions.
What kind of relations exist between states , is it cooperative or conflict and so on. If you have any concerns and query regarding my site or post you can contact me directly in reply section of the post or historyfacts3@gmail.com so guys please keep visiting my post and also reply me concerns and query regarding my post thanks.

About me

Name :- Jitender Pradhan

City :- I P Extension

State:- New Delhi

Country:- India

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