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This is Jitender Pradhan, Student of Bachelor of Arts, Political science in University of Delhi, India

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World Encyclopedia welcome to all New and Old learners who became a Part of our community.

The Aim of site is to build a community of lifelong learners. In this site https://www.worldhistorys.com we explore facts from all around the world from ancient period to modern contemporary world. This site is a small version of Encyclopedia try to cover All facts, Theories, Academic study and Create Public Opinions Place for all throughout they can share their ideas which is beneficial for socitey and website.
It Cover Facts from all fields and dimensions including Arts, Culture , countries of the World, History, Politics, government, law, health, education , environment and so on.

Additionally it also provide academic level study and notes from political science and other different disciplines.

If you have any concerns and query regarding my site or post you can contact me directly in reply section of the post or text me by mail ; historyfacts3@gmail.com so guys please keep visiting my post and also reply me concerns and query regarding my post thanks.

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