Salient Features of Plato's Ideal State

The father of the Idealist School as he is, Plato portrays an Ideal State in his REPUBLIC. His concept of Ideal State is a utopian one. He wanted to realize the idea of the Good in his Ideal State.


1. The government should be headed by a Philosopher- King who embodies perfect knowledge.

2. Education assumes importance in the Ideal State. It should be directly under the control of the Rulers. For creation of good rulers, good education system should be built up.

3. The Spirit of Justice Supreme in the Ideal State. Justice in the state means the due performance by each individual of the functions for which he is best fitted by aptitude and training.

"Injustice causes civil war, hatred, and fighting, while justice brings friendship and a sense of common purpose".

4. There is a complete Ban on art and poetry, as they appeal to baser instincts. Nothing goes to the youth without the approval and supervision of rulers.

He was against poetry because he believed that poetry deals with unreal.

5. Socitey is divided into three classes - ruler, soldiers and peasents - all performing their function most dutifully. There should be strict division of labour. 

There is the principle of functional specialization which prevails in the ideal state. Every person performs only those functions for which he is fitted and gets training in order to perform his functions efficiently. No class interferes with the sphere of other class.

6. The rulers and soldiers live under a system of communism of property. They should not own any private property at all.

7. Gender equality is another important point in the Ideal State. 

They are given the same training as is given to men. They are allowed to hold public officers along with men.

8. The women of the Rulers and Soldiers are held in common by men belonging to these two classes.

According to a system of temporary marriage one fit woman is married to one fit male for one year. After the birth of a child, the two are separated and joined to a different person of opposite sex provided he or she is healthy and fulfil the age qualification.

Women in the ideal state are fit for procuring children between the age of 20 and 40 and men between the age of 30 and 55.

The children so born of temporary unions between the best of men and the best of women are reared up under state control and educated according to their aptitudes. These children when they grow up are put in to the service of the State.

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