World War II ( 1939 - 45 )

● Between 1939 to 1945 World War II remains the most geographically widespread military conflict the world has ever seen.

● The Treaty of Versailles been drafted with a foresight and Germany meted with a lenient treatment, the World War II might have been averted. Hence, the short sighted and selfishness of the victor powers was the root couse of World War II.

Causes of the World War II

(i) Aggressive nationalism of Germany.
(ii) Rise of Fascism in Italy.
(iii) Japanese Imperialism.
(iv) Dissatisfaction of National Minorities of Europe.
(v) Economic Depression in Western countries.
(vi) Failure of the League of Nations.
(vii) Failure of Disarmament.
(viii) ldeological conflict between fascism and democracy.
(ix) Attitude of western powers Towards Russia.
(x) Imposed treaty of versailles.

● The German people were angered that their government accepted the lopsided Treaty of Versailles. These sentiments allowed Adolf Hitler to seize power in Germany.

●  Firstly in order to avoid war, Europe gave in to Hitler’s demands. But, when Hitler invaded Poland in 1939, England and France promptly declared war of Germany.

● Nazi secret police brutally enforced German policies, Millions of Hitler’s enemies were sent to the concentration camps.

● Hitler denounced the clauses of the Treaty of Versailles on 16th March, 1935. On 1st April, 1935, the League of Nations formally condemned Germany's repudiation of the Treaty. 

● Hitler re-occupied the Rhineland in March,1936 by sending German troops into the Western German zone.

● Hitler was a success in concluding several pacts and ultimately he alienated the sympathies of France from Italy.

● Japan entered World War II with an aim to dominate for East. Encouraged by Hitler's success the bombed the American naval base at Pearl Harbour.

●About 50 million people are estimated to die in the World War II, with 17 million of these deaths having occurred in Asia and the Pacific.

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