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World War I

● The basic causes that led to the horrifying conflict of World War I were
-- The system of alliances
-- The militarism and armament race
-- The force of nationalism
-- Imperialism and economic rivalry

● Often nationalism led to rivalries and conflicts between nations. Additionally various ethnic groups resented domination by others and wanted independence.

 By 1890, Germany built a strong army and developed a navy to rival England’s fleet.

● By 1907, there were two major Alliances: Allies or Triple Entente = Consisting of France, Britain and Russia. Central powers or Triple Alliance : Consisting Germany Austria,--Hungary, Italy and Rumania.

● The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne in june 1914 sparked the initiation of World War I.

● The Great War of 1914 was probably outcome of the Balkan Wars. In these wars Germany exercised restraint over Austria and France over Russia. War started as soon as the restrains were not exercised in 1914.

● The World War I caused great economic loss, wastage and, vast destruction. Nearly 10 billion rupees were directiy spent over the war.

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