Types of Marriages in Ancient India at - the Later Vedic age ( 1000 BC- 600 BC )

There are 8 forms of marriages, they are as follows

1. Brahma Marriage of a duly dowered girl to a man of the same varna.

2. Daiva The father gives his daughter to a sacrificial priest as a part of his fee.

3. Arsha A token bride-price of a cow and a bull is given in place of the dowry.

4. Prajapatya The father gives the girl withoixt dowry and without demanding the bride-price.

5. Gandharva Marriage by the consent of the two parties (love-marriage).

6. Asuras Marriage, in which the bride was bought from her father.

7. Rakshasa Marriage by capture, it was practised especially by warriors

8 Pisaka Marriage when a man by stealth seduces a girl who is sleeping or intoxicated or is mentally disbalanced or handicapped.

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